Culligan Services in Tulsa, OK

Free water testing:
Culligan man in lab coat testing water for impurities
A Culligan man will come out to your home and test your water for impurities. By using a TDS meter and other water testing tools we are able to detect whether you have chlorine, sulfur, hardness, iron or other basic item contaminants.

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Water delivery to your home or office:
Culligan man replacing bottled water with 5 gallon jug
Get fresh water everyday with our bottled water delivery option. Keeping your family and/or office staff well hydrated with clean and delicous drinking water can be the most important part of the day. We can include you in our water delivery route and drop off 5 gallon jugs of water to replenish your bottled water supply as often as you need.

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Salt Delivery to your home or office:
Culligan man delivering a bag of salt
Never run out of salt again. Through our salt delivery service we can add you to a delivery route that will ensure your water softener always has salt. Don't worry about missing the Culligan delivey man. With your permission, we can refill your water softener with salt without you being home.

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Portable Exchange Tank delivery and removal:
Culligan man delivering a portable exchange tank
Do you want to enjoy the benefits of having a water softener but don't want to hassle with the installation and maintenance? Or perhaps you live in a restricted municipality where there is a ban on water softeners. No matter the reason, we can help you out by delivering soft water to you. We can generate soft Culligan water at our facilities and deliver it to your front door without you having to deal with brine discharge or replenishing your salt supply.

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Repairs to Culligan systems and equipment:
Culligan man repairing a water softener
What good is having the best water treatment system on the market unless you have access to a trained expert to repair it. Our Culligan technicians are experts in repairing Culligan water treatment systems. Schedule an appointment today and keep your water treatment system running like new!

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