What’s In Your Tap Water?

tap_waterEveryone knows that drinking water is the best way to replenish precious bodily fluids. Water is essential in everyday life, from creating your coffee in the morning to showering. Yet, untreated water gives a pathway for unwanted contaminants. Just because tap water has been treated at the municipal treatment systems does not mean it is safe to drink, either in the short or long term. Many studies of tap water found hundreds of chemicals which pose serious health risks. Arsenic, pesticides, algae, de-greasing solvents and viruses are just a few of the contaminants that have been found in tap water which was released for safe consumption. These harmful substances slowly build up in tissues of the body and are linked to cancer, birth defects, and other serious health issues.

Water purification systems are the only method to ensure the water you use from your tap is safe and free of contaminants. When choosing a purification system, there are two methods to consider: point of entry and point of use. A point-of-entry system treats all the water in your household whereas point of use systems treat water only one interior water line at a time, a single faucet. Both systems work to rid your water of harmful chemicals and contaminants.
A study of water samples published by the New York Times in 2004 found arsenic and other harmful chemicals in tap water. The formulated risk of the tested tap water was equivalent to receiving 1,664 x-rays exams. The study also found various samples of municipal water contaminated with pesticides, a chemical degreaser, cleaning solvents used by dry cleaners and other harmful contaminants.
Remember the two types of systems: point-of-entry system designed to treat all the water in your home, and point-of-use systems, used to treat one the water from a single outlet, such as tap water for your kitchen.
Filtration processes, reverse osmosis, and UV rays are used by water purifying systems to kill living germs and pathogens, and to eliminate chemicals, bacteria and viruses lurking in your water.
Do not put yourself and your family in harm’s way! By installing a water filtration system you are ensuring that your family will not be coming into contact with harmful chemicals, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants contained in the municipal water supply.