Removing Iron From Your Water

Are there black stains in your sinks, drains, and showers? Does your water have a metallic taste? Is your laundry difficult to get clean? Cleaning rust stains caused by too much iron in your water can be an extremely difficult, labor-intensive, never-ending chore. However, this is a problem that need never occur at all.

iron in water
Get rid of iron in your water with a culligan water filtration system

Iron makes water taste terrible, and it contributes to destroying your plumbing. Removing iron from your water is a simple process easily achieved with an iron removal system. Iron filter water systems are designed to remove iron as well as rust, magnesium, and sulfur. Water softeners might be used to remove iron from water which is not heavily inundated with iron. In the same manner, water softeners can remove calcium and magnesium. An ion exchange process will handle small amounts of iron in the water, but if a water softening system is used there are basic rules to follow. For example, use softeners which have day override capacity. This will ensure the softeners will reset every few days to avoid iron build up. Make certain the system uses its own soft water to refill the brine tank. This allows for efficient dissolution of materials. A water softening system with automatic resin cleaning and a powerful backwash will eliminate iron that has oxidized. Iron filter systems work by oxidizing the iron, forcing it to rust, and capturing it with a filter which is flushed out automatically. Iron filter systems are designed to handle large amounts of iron in the water effectively. They have strong backwash systems which literally flush the iron out during the cleaning cycle. Types of filters include greensand filters, chlorine-filtration filters, ozone and chemical-free iron filters. Water filters for the home use various technologies to purify the water. Advanced media beds remove contamination through absorption, ion-exchange, micron filtration , and oxidation. iron-removal-systemThe majority of iron filter systems trap contaminants in their matrix and use backwashing cleaning cycles. When contaminants are trapped, they are removed by the filter system before they reach your residential plumbing, extending the life of your water pipes and prolonging the life of all appliances in your home which use water. These systems work flawlessly, and guarantee healthy, iron-free water in your home. Eliminate rust stains, terrible tastes or odors in water, and give your plumbing years more life by getting an iron filter water system.