Pond/Lake Water Systems

Lake and Pond water filtrationIf you live near a lake, pond, creek or rainwater source, a pond/lake water system is essential for providing your home with delicious better-than-bottle water taste. A pond or lake or whole home system removes bacteria, controls algae, and removes unnecessary hard minerals. Using an entire home system provides healthy, clean water for drinking; and this same water is supplied to the appliances in your home which need clean water to work well. The treated water gives years of life to your home’s plumbing pipes, refrigerator, dish washer, and washing machine. It removes hard minerals which contribute to clogging pipes.

The majority of lake water systems are composed of two parts: chlorine to kill bacteria, and UV light irradiation to eliminate microbial growth and leave the water pure. The pump takes the water through several filters which remove excessive minerals and bacteria. The flow goes through both chlorine treatment and UV light to purify the water. A retention tank holds water to allow minerals to oxidize, which are removed with high-powered backwash.

Other systems used to treat pond or lake water employ carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and micron filtration to purify. Both systems allow the homeowner to use pond and lake water as a source for pure, clean, great tasting water for the entire family. Knowing you are providing the purest water you can to your family will be noticed in every area of your home. No more hard mineral build up or unsightly black stains around your sinks. UV disinfection alone kills 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, combined with chlorine treatment and filtration water running through the tap, it is easy to see why pond/lake water systems have become so popular.

Water quality is important for health and safety reasons. Pond and lake water sources cannot be safely consumed until water treatment systems are in place. Pond/lake and whole home water systems provide protection when pumping lake water for human use. This proven technology gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Get peace of mind knowing that every drop of water entering your home is safe for the entire family. Often, people living in homes using these systems have found they have a hard time adjusting to bottled water because their system delivers water which is so pure and fresh tasting!