Is Phosphorus in my drinking water?

The water supply of every state should be regulated in order to combat against all of the harmful chemicals and substances found in the water.  This unfortunately is not always the case.  According to The State Impact Media of Oklahoma, seventy-one percent of Oklahoma’s lakes have high to excessive levels of phosphorus.  Very few Oklahoma cities filter water to fight against the levels of phosphorus that are found in the lakes and streams.

Types of Phosphorus

Wikipedia indicates that phosphorus is a chemical element with an atomic number of 15 and is apoisonous combustible nonmetal that comes in two common forms.  White phosphorus is the yellowish waxy solid that ignites in the air and glows in the dark and the red phosphorus is a less reactive form that is used in making matches.

Dangers of Phosphorus

Only a handful of communities work to remove phosphorus before it’s pumped into the watershed.  Phosphorus is one of the biggest issues in water quality problems in the Oklahoma State.  High levels of phosphorus and nitrogen lead to respiratory, eye and stomach problems.  The severity of these side effects can vary depending on the levels of phosphorus one is exposed to.

Water Supply Poorly Regulated

It appears that Oklahoma is not regulating the water supply enough in order to fight against dangerous levels of Phosphorus.  Since this is such a widespread and ongoing problem in Tulsa, Oklahoma it is time to take matters into your own hands and do what you can to ensure that the water you and your family is consuming is healthy and of good quality.  Various water systems from Culligan of Tulsa can ensure your water is of a good quality.  From our reverse osmosis system to our other water filters, we have the solution to ensure your water is of a healthy quality.