Getting Rid of Hard Water in Your Home

Are you tired of constantly cleaning hard water stains in your sink? Does the idea of drinking tap water make you cringe? Does your shower door get caked with lime scale on a daily basis? Hard water contains more than average trace amounts of calcium, silica, magnesium and lime which, when splashed on a surface and allowed to dry, leave unsightly stains. Soap will not dissolve properly in hard water, and water pipes which convey hard water will clog more often because the residue you find in the shower is also in the pipes. Hard water slowly damages washing machines, dishwashers and air conditioners. However, there is a solution for hard water problems: water softeners.

Water softehard waterners are perfect for getting rid of unnecessary minerals that leave tap water tasting metallic, clog pipes, and stain surfaces. Water softeners will make hard water behave by removing the damaging minerals elements. Thus leaving your palate, pipes, air conditioners and washing machines clean and healthy.

A water softener is a small filter unit placed near the water main which collects hard minerals and eliminates them prior to watering entering your home water supply. The two most popular and effective methods of this kind of water purification are ion-exchange polymers and reverse osmosis. The result is better tasting tap water, no more stains in the sinks, and the elimination of lime scale accumulation in the showers. Softener systems can operate automatically, semi-automatically, or manually. They do not require a huge time commitment and usually require a check only about once per month, just to make sure the salt reserves are filled to an appropriate amount. The softened water is gentle on hair and skin as well as pipes. Softened water tastes great and the essential minerals are still there. Softer water will also give your dishwasher extra years of life and leave your dishes sparkling. Soft water allows your soap and shampoo to lather easily, thus decreasing your consumption of these products. Your clothes will clean more easily, and stay whiter and softer than with hard water.

Buy a Culligan Water Softener in Tulsa OklahomaAll water-related appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, coffee makers, ice makers and washing machines will benefit from the advent of soft water; they will last longer and will work more effectively. The cost of operating a hot water heater using soft water will decrease by 22%-29% annually. Having a soft water unit in your home is an environmentally-friendly machine that will lower greenhouse gases equivalent to removing an SUV from the road for a full year. Going green has never been easier with water softeners.

Knowing you are providing the best water for your family is important. Dispense with the need for cleaning your washing machine every few months and the weekly scrubbing of your shower walls and shower head to remove lime deposits. Make cleaning easier by using soft water. Enjoy softer skin, hair and clothing. Appreciate your shower again without the disgusting film. Gain a new taste for coffee and homemade lemonade. Revel in being able to clean items in half the time. Once you have tried the many benefits of owning a soft water unit you will wonder how you ever put up with the hardship of hard water.