Comparing Point-of-Use and Point-of-Entry Water Treatment Systems

point-of-useWater is necessary for proper hydration and personal hygiene. It cleans our clothes, washes our dishes and provides the life force for all living things. Using a water treatment system can be critically important in some situations and will enhance and purify any water supply, providing healthy, bacteria- and virus-free water to your household. When shopping for a water purification system there are two types to consider: point of use and point of entry.

A point-of-entry purification system is one which will treat all of your water prior to entry into your home. A water softener will eliminate hard minerals and get rid of the lime scale buildup that makes a mess of shower stalls, shower heads, bathtubs and toilets. A water purification system at the point of entry can also be used to remove contaminates such as bacteria, dirt, viruses, and other harmful components of tap water. A point-of-entry water filtration system may use a variety of filters, reverse osmosis, and ultra-violet light to kill harmful contaminates. Water from every source in your home will be clean and pure so that it is easy on your appliances, clothing, coffee machines and, most importantly, safe and tasty to drink.

Point-of-use water systems

are installed under sinks to a single or pair of faucets. This method creates only one source of purified water. Typically, kitchens would be the location chosen for a point-of-use system. Point-of-use systems use filters to treat contaminated tap water. This ensures the tap water from your kitchen sink is free from excessive minerals, chlorine, and bacteria. Your water will be pure, free of odors, and will taste good. Cooking with purified water gives you peace of mind, knowing all of your food which requires water will be safe and tasty too.product2
Investing in a point-of-use or a point-of-entry water treatment system is a wise choice. It provides healthy water and, over time, more than pays for itself. Think of never having to buy bottled water again. Your washing machines, faucets, plumbing, water heaters and coffee machines will than you by lasting longer and not getting their pipes clogged. The benefits to having a water treatment system are phenomenal, and knowing that you are providing the best water for your family is a very reassuring feeling.