Chloramines in your drinking water

Each city’s water supply should consist of healthy drinking water for you and your family.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Channel 2 news reports that over a year ago Tulsa, Oklahoma’s water department started adding Chloramine to the water supply.  Ever since Tulsa started adding chloramine into the water there has been some ongoing controversy regarding health concerns when using chloramine to disinfect the water.  According to Wikipedia, Chloramines are derivatives of ammonia by substitution of one, two or three hydrogen atoms with chlorine atoms.  This disinfectant is formed by mixing chlorine and ammonia.

Harmful Effects of Chloramine

Dr. Mercola explains how chloramine may raise your water’s level of toxic unregulated disinfection Byproducts.  This in turn can cause various health problems with your nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, renal system as well as respiratory problems.  One resident in particular explains how she suffers from chloramine sensitivity.  She became aware of this when her throat was constricted to the point where she couldn’t even make a sound.  This was the worst episode of all.

Rash and Breathing Problems due to Chloramine

Along with that horrible scare, she has had numerous ER visits due to rashes and breathing problems.  She started to notice symptoms a month after Tulsa began adding chloramine to the water.  The ER doctor advised her to stop drinking the water to see how she feels.  Once she switched to spring water, within 48 hours she was off of her meds and all of the symptoms had subsided.  This was a clear indication that it was the water causing all of the ill effects.  Other disinfection treatments, such as ultra violet light and micro filtration appear to be safer options as compared to chloramine.

Preventing Chloramine Dangers

A sure way to combat the chloramine dangers is to implement a water system in your home.  A carbon filter is the type of filter that will fight the best against levels of chloramine.  Culligan of Tulsa has various water filters to fight against problems like this.  We have different specials to help get you the water system you desire.  With 100% satisfaction and a 30 day guarantee, Culligan’s Water has everything for your water needs.