Comparing Point-of-Use and Point-of-Entry Water Treatment Systems

point-of-useWater is necessary for proper hydration and personal hygiene. It cleans our clothes, washes our dishes and provides the life force for all living things. Using a water treatment system can be critically important in some situations and will enhance and purify any water supply, providing healthy, bacteria- and virus-free water to your household. When shopping for a water purification system there are two types to consider: point of use and point of entry.

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Getting the Most out of Portable Exchange Deionization

Portable-Exchange-DIMore and more people are starting to look their own taps in order to get the freshest, purest water they can drink. However, not many of them know where to look. That’s where Portable Exchange Deionization comes in. It’s a quick process that provides you with ultra-pure water that is the clearest water you’ve ever tasted from your own tap. It can definitely save you from having to waste money on bottled water in the future. Instead, you can carry your own reusable container of fresh water with you wherever you go, and you might be surprised by how much better it tastes than bottled water. Portable Exchange Deionization is a process that involves ion exchange in the water.

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